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Used Mahindra Cars Listing

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Make-ModelVersionTotal Cars Starting Price
Mahindra-Scorpio SLX CRDI 13 Cars Rs.465000/-
Mahindra-Xylo E8 6 Cars Rs.300000/-
Mahindra-Bolero Glx 5 Cars Rs.185000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio(Old) 2.6 SLX 5 Cars Rs.350000/-
Mahindra-Bolero SLX 2WD 5 Cars Rs.350000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio(Old) 2.6 CRDe 4 Cars Rs.410000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio(Old) 2.6 DX 3 Cars Rs.425000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio DX 2.6 Turbo 8-Seate 3 Cars Rs.450000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio LX 2.2 mHawk 3 Cars Rs.825000/-
Mahindra-Xylo E4 3 Cars Rs.650000/-
Mahindra-Bolero SLE 3 Cars Rs.400000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio SLE BS-III 3 Cars Rs.750000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio SLX 2.6 Turbo 8-Seat 3 Cars Rs.430000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio VLX AT 2.2 mHawk BS 3 Cars Rs.850000/-
Mahindra-Bolero XL 10-Seater 3 Cars Rs.311111/-
Mahindra-Scorpio SLX 2.6 Turbo 7-Seater 2 Cars Rs.375000/-
Mahindra-Bolero SLX DI TURBO 2 Cars Rs.480000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio VLX BS-III 4WD 2 Cars Rs.790000/-
Mahindra-Jeep MM 540 2 Cars Rs.200000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio SLE 2.6 CRDe 2 Cars Rs.635000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio(Old) 2.6 2 Cars Rs.350000/-
Mahindra-Xylo E2 2 Cars Rs.440000/-
Mahindra-Bolero DI 2 Cars Rs.400000/-
Mahindra-Armada Ac 2 Cars Rs.120000/-
Mahindra-Jeep CJ 340 2 Cars Rs.225000/-
Mahindra-Jeep CJ 500 DI 1 Cars Rs.285000/-
Mahindra-Jeep CL 550 MDI 1 Cars Rs.270000/-
Mahindra-Jeep Classic 1 Cars Rs.150000/-
Mahindra-Bolero Comper DX 1 Cars Rs.450000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio DX 2.6 Turbo 7-Seate 1 Cars Rs.475000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio DX CRDI 1 Cars Rs.600000/-
Mahindra--select- -select- 1 Cars Rs.800000/-
Mahindra-Verito 1.5 D2 BS-III 1 Cars Rs.570000/-
Mahindra-Verito 1.5 D4 BS-IV 1 Cars Rs.400000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio(Old) 2.6 SLX CRDE 1 Cars Rs.550000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio 2.6 Turbo 7-Seater 1 Cars Rs.335000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio 2.6 Turbo 9-Seater 1 Cars Rs.180000/-
Mahindra-Xylo E4 BS-III 1 Cars Rs.635000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio LX BS-III 1 Cars Rs.330000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio LX mHawk BS-III 1 Cars Rs.675000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio m2 di taxi 6+1 1 Cars Rs.490000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio M2DI 1 Cars Rs.649000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio SLX 2.6 Turbo 7-Seat 1 Cars Rs.560000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio SLE 2.2 mHawk 1 Cars Rs.700000/-
Mahindra-Xylo E8 ABS 1 Cars Rs.810000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio Getaway 2WD 1 Cars Rs.625000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio VLX BS-IV 4WD 1 Cars Rs.770000/-
Mahindra-Bolero VLX CRDe 1 Cars Rs.640000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio VLX 2.2 mHawk BS lV 1 Cars Rs.695000/-
Mahindra-Scorpio VLX 2.2 mHawk BS-lll 1 Cars Rs.850000/-
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