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Car Fuel Efficiency Tips


Regular and effective maintenance of the car will ensure maximum fuel efficiency, as also the driving technique of the person behind the wheel. Driving for a better fuel economy not only goes easy on your purse but it saves the environment too. A driver with a constant thought of fuel economy can save 30 to 50% fuel than other drivers. The following simple tips will improve your car''''s fuel efficiency:


        • Avoid starting the engine until you are ready to pull out. 
        • Do not let your engine idle for more than 30 seconds after its initial start.
        • Do not rev the engine immediately before turning it off. This wastes fuel and increases engine wear during the subsequent start.
        • Needless idling at traffic lights affects fuel consumption. A mere ten minutes idling will waste 100cc of fuel. • Idling for more than 30 seconds not only wastes fuel but also harms your engine.


       • Unnecessary pumping of accelerator wastes fuel. Depress the accelerator as and when needed.
       • Avoid jerky acceleration or fast starts, as it increases fuel consumption.
       • Driving at higher speed consumes more fuel than driving at steady speed of 45 to 55 kmphr in top gear.
       • Depress the clutch only to change gears, or when at a standstill, do not constantly ride it.


       • Tyre pressure should be maintained at the recommended index. Less tyre pressure will increase fuel consumption.
       • Clogged air filter, worn out clutch, badly tuned engine and high pollution levels increase fuel consumption
       • Operating air conditioner in city traffic reduces fuel economy by approximately 9%.
       • It takes approximately 25 kilometers for a vehicle to achieve fuel efficient operation, hence try to avoid short trips by combining as many errands as you can into one trip/ your commute.

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