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Used Car Selling Tips

 Before you make a proposal for selling your car, take the below action points it will cost you minimum and benefit you maximum. This little extra care on your car will not only give you the better price, it also fasten your car deal and end of the day both the seller and buyer will be happy with the concept called value for money.

1. Improve the Performance & Appearance
A. Documents

- Make a file to keep all car documents-Invoice, Delivory Note, RC Book, Insurance, Pollution
- keep a separate file for car service history with all bills if possible.

B. Servicing

- Give your vehicle for complete servicing, change all oils if required
- Make sure every minor repair is taken care.

C. Denting & Painting

- Get repaired all small dents and go for pencil brush touch up if necessary.

D. Electricals

- Check up the Battery and see that vehicle starts immidiately,
- Check AC working properly, Horn sounds well, Glowing all lights fully.
- Ensure Music System & Speakers are working good.

E. Body

- Ensure there should not be any abnormal sounds, vibrations, door sounds,dicky sounds etc.
- Keep tool kit in a appropriate place and ensure there is no puncture for stephney.
- Get wheel alignment & Balancing done.

F. Interior

- Get seat covers washed or take out if it is too dirty or torn out. Or change them with minimum cost if you can.
- Go for interior cleaning and use some perfumes inside the car. G.Exterior
- Take out all unncessay stickers and get your car polished out side the body.

2. Identify the Market Price.

You can find out the market price for your car by

- Visiting few used car show rooms in the market and find out the selling price for your car model.
- Going through the classified columns in the news papers, calling up randomly and checking up the price
- You can even logon to www.carsndeals.com and fill up the details in "Know your Car Value" colum to find out the exact market price.

3. Multiple advertisements.

More the enquiries, better the price. You can generate more enquiries for your car with minimum cost and effort.

- Identify the right place, stick your advertisement mentioning attracting features and car details.
- If you are working, also place an advertisements in the notice board.
- You can even register with www.carsndeals.com where you can post your car details along with the car photograph which is absolutely FREE service and the beauty of this website is every enquiry on your car will be notified immidiately with an email alert option which is again a FREE serivice.

4. Search for potential buyers.

A. Internet & News Papers -Visit any car websites, classifieds in news papers etc, find out the potential buyers list and call up the customers and propose your car sale.

B. Park & Sell basis: -Many of the used car dealer are giving an option called park& sell where you can display your car along with their vehicle stock and you will be called for the negotiation if any buyer is interested on your car. .

5. Sell

If the buyer is satisfied with your vehicle, negotiate well by insisting on quality of your car, extra fittings, color, KM, Ownership, Insurance etc. Receive the full payment either by cash or draft or if it is cheque hand over the car only after clearing the cheque.

6. Documentation

After receiving the full payment, write a delivery note then hand over the Registration papers, Insurance papers, Pollution, Tool kit etc. Ensure that he transfers the vehicle on his name and submit the copy of transfered RC to you. Maintain the records of delivery note, address, contact number etc. 


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